A raised spine is essential for a healthy back.

People’s faces and posture often determine first impressions.

Having good posture avoids tenseness and reduces wear and tear on vertebrae and joints. But moreover:  ‘those who walk through life upright have a more charming aura’.

Having poor posture often makes us look older and less attractive. Hunchback, flat feet or arched lower back mostly start as a bad habit but can turn out to be a significant problem later - and it hurts!  In addition, a hunchback affects the breathing.

How do you change entrenched habits?

Just implement your new knowledge in daily life: brushing your teeth, washing your hair, driving a car. There are opportunities to do things the right way everywhere.

Let me assist you in doing things better: after analyzing your body I will design your individual training plan. I will explain every single exercise and help you to integrate each of them into your daily life.

Picture example: Pain free through straight back

First Picture: The typical arched back goes with a pelvic tilt forward and shortened neck muscles. The client was suffering from backache and tenseness in the upper part of the spine and the neck. Being a flamenco dancer she bowed backwards by arching the lower back.

Second Picture: Doing the recommended exercises week by week spiral column and pelvis have straightened up. She learned to integrate these exercises into her daily life and her dancing practice and thus bowing backwards by the thoracic spine she relieves the strain on the lower back. Today she is pain free and lives an active life.