Kerstin Schaller

My motto: Keep on moving!

I studied the Science of Physical Education and the English language at the University of Würzburg, Germany and finished theses studies with a Master degree and the permission to teach students at high school and college level. Because of my husband I moved to Switzerland in the late eighties, Unfortunately in thoses days my German diplomas were not accepted in Switzerland and I was not able to teach at public Swiss schools. I found my way in the fitness business and after some additional trainings, I was able to cover a broad spectrum of fitness and health topics, such as Step-Aerobic, Back-training, Pelvic Floor Training, Power Yoga and Pilates.

Especially the Pilates method convinced me completely. I myself had severe back problems already when I was still quite young, caused by my intensive time as a professional volleyball player. I could experience how effective the Pilates method was relieving back problems. With great enthusiasm I completed various Pilates educational trainings in Switzerland (SAFS, Polestar) and Germany (STOTT). Meanwhile I myself am a trainer for trainers at SAFS (Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports) in Zürich for Pilates and Backgym since 2005 and for Power Yoga since 2018. I love what I do since I can live out my two passions sports and teaching.

2018 Faszien Yoga (Safs&Beta) Fellbach, Deutschland
2017 Pilates meets Functional Training (Polestar) Basel, Schweiz
2016 Pilates MOTR Ausbildung (Pilates Bodymotion) Zürich, Schweiz
2016 BLACKROLL® Trainer Luzern, Schweiz
2016 Beckenboden / Rückenprobleme (BEBO®) Zürich, Schweiz
2012-2015 Diverse Weiterbildungen STOTT® Pilates München, Deutschland
2011 SVEB I Ausbildung (Living Sense) Zürich, Schweiz
2010 Pilates Reformer Level 1 (STOTT®) München, Deutschland
2008 Pilates Injury & Special Populations (STOTT®) München, Deutschland
2006 Pilates Matwork Level 1 & 2 (STOTT®) München, Deutschland
2005 Pilates Mat Advanced (Polestar) Dübendorf, Schweiz
2005 Pilates Mat Basic (Polestar) Dübendorf, Schweiz
2004 Pilates Reformer Instructor (SAFS) Zürich Schweiz
2003 Pilates Mat Class Instructor (SAFS) Zürich, Schweiz
2003 Power Yoga Instructor (SAFS) Zürich, Schweiz
[2001 Stretching Instructor (Star Education) Zürich, Schweiz
2001 Spiraldynamik® Praktizierende Level II Zürich, Schweiz
2000 Spiraldynamik® Praktizierende Level I Zürich, Schweiz
1999 Beckenbodenkursleiterin (BEBO®) Zürich, Schweiz
1990-1998 Diverse Aus- und Weiterbildungen im Group Fitness (Step Aerobic, Rebound Trainer, Spinning Instructor) Schweiz
1989 Abschluss (2. Staatsexamen) der höheren Lehramtsausbildung für Englisch und Sport Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland